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Lunch & Dinner Menu

Breakfast After 11am

Eggs & Omelettes served with Home Fries, Toast
Bread Choices - White, Wheat, or Rye

Egg Beaters or Egg Whites 0.50 Extra
Poached or Basted 0.50 Extra |
American Cheese in Omelettes 1.50 Extra
Fruit Topping 1.50 Extra
Chocolate Chips 0.50 Extra Per Cake
Pecans 1.00 Extra Per Cake

4.30One (1) Egg

4.55Two (2) Eggs

4.80Three (3) Eggs

5.05Four (4) Eggs

2.45All Crisp Cereals with Milk

Cereal Choices - Frosted Flakes, Cheerios, Raisin Bran, Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, Froot Loops
with bananas - 2.95

2.95Oatmeal with Brown Sugar & Milk

with raisins - 3.20 | with bananas - 3.45

3.25Baked Oatmeal

with raisins - 3.50 | with bananas - 3.75

5.95Mushroom Omelette

5.95Broccoli Omelette

5.95Spinach Omelette

7.45Vegetable Omelette

8.95Meatlovers Omelette

6.25Ham Omelette

6.25Sausage Omelette

6.25Bacon Omelette

6.45Cheese Omelette

Cheese Choices - Feta, Swiss, American, Mozzarella or Cheddar

6.75Western Omelette

7.50Greek Omelette

7.50Spanish Omelette

2.65One (1) French Toast

3.40Two (2) French Toast

4.15Three (3) French Toast

2.65One (1) Hot Cake

3.40Two (2) Hot Cakes

4.15Three (3) Hot Cakes

2.65One (1) Multi Grain Cake

3.40Two (2) Multi Grain Cakes

4.15Three (3) Multi Grain Cakes

9.95Tom's Atomic Bomb

5.75Cream Chipped Beef on Toast

with Home Fries

6.25Cream Chipped Beef on Biscuits

with Home Fries

5.75Sausage Gravy on Toast

with Home Fries

6.25Sausage Gravy on Biscuits

with Home Fries

2.95Ham, Bacon, or Sausage


3.25Corn Beef Hash

2.95Home Fries



1.75Raisin Toast

1.75English Muffin


Plain, Blueberry, or Raisin


Danish Choices - Cinnamon, Raspberry, Cheese, Apple, Strawberry


Muffin Choices - Blueberry, Corn, Banana, Nut


Appetizers & Side Orders

5.95Six (6) Cheese Sticks

3.25Onion Rings

6.95Chicken Strips

3.95Fried Mushrooms

9.95Sampler Platter

Onion Rings, Chicken Strips, Cheese Sticks, & Fried Mushrooms

5.50Greek Sampler Platter

8.95Four (4) Vegetable Platter

3.95Fresh Fruit Cup

Steaks and Chops

Served with two (2) vegetables & rolls

17.9516 oz T-Bone Steak

17.9516 oz Delmonico Steak

16.9516 oz N.Y. Strip Steak

13.50Two Pork Chops

11.95Hamburger Steak

12.95Turkey Burger Steak

14.50Ham Steak with Pineapple Ring

Delicious Seafood

Served with (2) vegetables, rolls and butter

14.95Broiled Salmon

15.50Broiled Stuffed Flounder

13.95Two (2) Fried or Broiled Crab Cakes

13.95Six (6) Fried Oysters

13.95Six (6) Fried or Broiled Jumbo Shrimp

13.95Fried or Broiled Scallops

13.95Fried or Broiled Haddock

13.95Fried or Broiled Flounder

13.95Fried or Broiled Cod

18.50Fried Seafood Combination

Haddock, Shrimp, Crab Cake, Oysters, & Scallops

18.50Broiled Seafood Combination

Haddock, Shrimp, Crab Cake, & Scallops


Served with two (2) vegetables, rolls and butter

11.95Chicken or Shrimp Stir Fry over Rice

with One (1) Vegetable

10.95Breaded Veal

11.95Veal Parmesan

11.95Veal Parmesan & Spaghetti

with One (1) Vegetable

11.95Chicken Parmesan

11.95Chicken Parmesan & Spaghetti

with One (1) Vegetable

10.95Spaghetti with Meatsauce

with One (1) Vegetable

11.95Chicken Strips

11.95Skinless Chicken Breast

10.95Two (2) pieces Fried Chicken

12.95Four (4) pieces Fried Chicken

10.95¼ Roast Chicken

12.95½ Roast Chicken

11.95Roast Turkey with Filling

11.95Roast Beef with Filling

11.95Meat Loaf

11.95Beef Liver with Fried Onions

11.95Baked Ham with Pineapple-Raisin Sauce

11.95Ham Loaf with Pineapple-Raisin Sauce

11.95Chicken Breast Over Linguini

with Alfredo Sauce and One (1) Vegetable

11.95Scallops Over Linguini

with Alfredo Sauce and One (1) Vegetable

12.95Shrimp Over Linguini

with Alfredo Sauce and One (1) Vegetable

12.95Shrimp & Scallops Over Linguini

with Alfredo Sauce and One (1) Vegetable

Triple Decker Club Sandwiches

Club sandwiches served with French Fries
Bread Choices - White, Wheat, or Rye

8.95Ham & Cheese Club

8.95Turkey & Bacon Club

8.95Chicken Salad & Bacon Club

8.95Tuna Salad & Egg Salad Club

8.95Ham & Egg Club

8.95B L T Club


Sandwiches served with Chips and a Pickle
Bread Choices - White, Wheat, or Rye

Pretzel Roll 0.50
Tomato 0.25
Add Bacon to Sandwich 2.00
Cheese 0.75
Cheese Choices - Feta, Swiss, American, Mozzarella, Cheddar

3.45¼ lb. Hamburger

3.75¼ lb. Cheeseburger

3.80Turkey Burger

4.10Turkey Burger with Cheese

3.95Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato

4.15Bar-B-Q Beef, or Ham, on Roll

4.15Bar-B-Q Pulled Pork on Roll

5.95Cheesesteak with L-T-O

3.95Chicken Salad

3.95Egg & Olive

3.95Egg Salad

2.65Egg Sandwich

with Ham, Bacon, or Sausage - 4.35

4.35Western Egg Sandwich

5.95Fried Crab Cake on Roll

5.95Fried Haddock

5.45Grilled Chicken Breast

2.75Grilled Cheese

with Ham or Bacon - 4.25

2.75Grilled Swiss Cheese

with Ham or Bacon 4.25

3.60Ham Sandwich

Cold or Fried

3.50Hot Dog

5.95Oyster Sandwich

(4 pieces)

4.75Patty Melt

with Sautéed Onions

5.95Potato Crunch Cod Fried

2.75Sliced American Cheese

2.75Sliced Swiss Cheese

5.25Sliced Beef

5.25Sliced Turkey

3.95Tuna Salad

4.50Tuna Melt

5.50Greek Gyro

with French Fries 7.50

5.50Chicken Gyro

with French Fries 7.50

Hot Sandwiches

Hot sandwiches served with French fries or Mashed Potatoes

8.75Hot Meatloaf

8.95Hot Beef

8.95Hot Turkey

Deluxe Sandwiches

Deluxe Sandwiches served with Sliced Onion, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayonnaise and side of French Fries

5.95¼ lb. Hamburger Deluxe

6.25¼ lb. Cheeseburger Deluxe

6.50¼ lb. Turkey Burger Deluxe

6.75¼ lb. Turkey Burger Deluxe with Cheese

Crisp Salads

Salad Dressings: Ranch, French, Lite French, Bleu Cheese, Thousand Island, Italian, Greek, Oil & Vinegar, Creamy Caesar, Honey Mustard

Add Grilled Chicken to Salad - 3.00 Extra

2.95Tossed Salad

8.95Combination Salad

Scoops of Tuna, Chicken, Egg & Olive, and Potato Salad

8.25Egg or Tuna or Chicken Salad Platter

Large Chef's Salad

with Ham - 7.95 | with Turkey - 8.50

Small Chef's Salad

with Ham - 6.95 | with Turkey - 7.50

Mini Chef's Salad

with Ham - 5.95 | with Turkey - 6.50

8.50Large Greek Salad

7.50Small Greek Salad

6.50Mini Greek Salad

9.75Fruit Salad

Cottage Cheese, Grapes, Orange, Honeydew, Cantaloupe, and Pineapple on Lettuce

6.50Caesar Salad

with Grilled Chicken - 9.50

4.95Tuna, Chicken, or Egg Salad

on Lettuce with Sliced Tomato

12.95Pittsburgh Salad

Sides Orders

3.25Onion Rings

2.95French Fries

3.95Cheese Fries

2.95Home Fries

2.95Side Vegetables

1.75Garlic Bread

1.75Grilled Pita Bread


Quesadillas are made with a flour tortilla and served with salsa, sour cream, lettuce and tomato garnish



eggs, cheese, bacon

7.45Broccoli Chicken Cheddar



Wraps are made with a flour tortilla and served with chips and a pickle

6.50Grilled Chicken Cheddar Melt

6.50BBQ Grilled Chicken

6.50Ham and Cheese

6.50Turkey and Swiss


eggs, cheese, bacon, home fries

6.50Bacon Cheeseburger

6.50Pittsburgh Chicken Tender

6.50Chicken or Tuna Salad


Ala Mode 2.00 Extra

3.25Assorted Homemade Pies

3.75Assorted Pellman Cakes


Fresh Salad

Small 3.95 | Medium 4.40 | Large 4.85

Rice or Tapioca Pudding

Small 3.95 | Medium 4.40 | Large 4.85

Fruit Juices & Beverages

Bottled Water and other Bottled Drinks Available


Small 2.05 | Medium 2.55 | Large 3.05


Small 1.60 | Medium 1.80 | Large 2.00

Hot Chocolate

Small 2.15 | Medium 2.65 | Large 3.15


Small 2.15 | Medium 2.65 | Large 3.15


Small 1.80 | Medium 2.20 | Large 2.60

Chocolate Milk

Small 2.05 | Medium 2.45 | Large 2.85

Iced Teas

Sweetened or Unsweetened
Small 1.95 | Medium 2.35 | Large 2.75

Soft Drinks

Coke | Diet Coke | Cherry Coke | Lemonade | Sprite | Root Beer | HiC Fruit Punch
Small 1.95 | Medium 2.35 | Large 2.75

Ice Cream & Shakes

Choose from Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry flavors of ice cream

Ice Cream

Small 3.60 | Medium 4.05 | Large 4.50

3.75Milk Shake

4.25Extra Thick Milk Shake


Soups of the Day

Small 2.65 | Medium 3.35 | Large 4.05


Small 2.95 | Medium 3.85 | Large 4.75

**Menu items are cooked to order. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness**